Swiss Added Value

Commitment to Switzerland as a workplace

Large parts of the added value take place directly in Switzerland. In this way, we not only secure jobs in Switzerland, but also keep the ecological footprint of our bikes as low as possible.

Development by Swiss for Swiss

The development of our bicycles is based in Switzerland, as we adapt the bicycles to the local needs of Swiss cyclists. Even during product development, we adhere to strict guidelines for long-term spare parts

Procurement And Assembly

Some components have to be procured abroad as they are no longer manufactured in Switzerland. However, we make sure to procure these parts in foreign countries near the border as far as possible. If this is not possible either and there are no suppliers of these components in Europe, we try to avoid air transport and to procure the products in as compact a packaging as possible. The aim is to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

Refraining from assembling the bikes abroad is central to us. We assemble all bicycles in Switzerland, thus ensuring that jobs remain in Switzerland and that the transport volume can be kept as low as possible. The final assembly of our bikes even takes place at the dealer’s, directly at the customer’s.

high quality of the products extend service life