Our Values

In Switzerland, for Switzerland.
We take social responsibility.
We offer individual mobility solutions.
We inspire our employees and customers.
We live regional value creation.

Why are
Swiss Bikes Sustainable?

Compared to other modes of transport, bicycles are clearly more sustainable both during production and in use.

Fewer resources are used in production compared to other forms of mobility. A few kilograms of material are required to build a bicycle. This is in contrast to automobiles or public transport infrastructure, which require tons of raw material for construction.

While using the bike, the ecological footprint can be further improved. The use of fossil fuels is completely avoided, which means that no CO2 or other toxic emissions are generated during use. Cycling also strengthens the physical and mental health of cyclists and thus reduces the health costs of our society.

Compared to other forms of mobility, cycling requires significantly less infrastructure and public space. Instead of wide roads and landscape cuts through railway lines, only narrow bike paths are required. Only a fraction of the public space is required when parking bicycles, which means that this space can be used as an alternative.