Custom made. Swiss Made. Komenda Made.

IBEX is a brand of Komenda AG, a Swiss family company that has helped shape the changeful development of the bike from the start. The is already in the fourth generation Komenda AG is closely related to the bicycle. Founded in 1898, Matthias Komenda sold the first bikes through a small bike shop in St.Gallen. His son Max Komenda launched MAKO, one of the first Swiss bicycle brands, and was thus able to promote the development of the bicycle as a means of transport for the general public. In the third generation, Gallus Komenda countered the mass motorization of the 1960s with innovative bikes. With the launch of IBEX, the great-granddaughter of the founder and today’s boss Alexandra Komenda is transforming the bike back into the means of transport for individualists that it was in its early days.

Custom-made bikes for individualists

With the introduction of an online tool as the first Swiss manufacturer, it became possible for the dream of a personal, individual dream bike to come true. Whether alone on the couch or with a trusted specialist dealer: Thanks to sophisticated configuration options, a total of over 2.5 billion combinations are possible. Only when the ideal configuration has been found does the bike go to assembly in the Sirnach production facility.

Be yourself!

With IBEX the belief in the personal individuality and the personal life path of a person is poured into bicycle form.

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