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We support you as a cyclist in Switzerland even while you are using it. We offer you access to partners who will sweeten your fun with the Swiss bike. Finally there is an insurance policy that offers comprehensive protection for your bike. In the future, we will support you with attractive financing solutions for purchases and with valuable tips on how to get the most out of your bike.

Suisse Velo

Finally there is an insurance policy that optimally insures your bike. Comprehensive protection is  guaranteed by our partner  Suisse Velo . The risks are covered by Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft AG, based in St.Gallen.

There has been no bicycle vignette since 2012, which means that the only registration platform for bicycles in Switzerland has been eliminated. To replace this, the Suisse Velo Vignette was introduced, which covers various risks and supports cyclists. In this way, your bike can be found quickly after a theft and after a breakdown, Suisse Velo offers you breakdown assistance. Together with Schweizer Velo, an insurance package has now been put together that ideally covers the requirements of Swiss cyclists. You can find all insurance benefits  here .

EAST – University of Applied Sciences in Eastern Switzerland

The two institutes IDEE and IFU of the  OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule have  supported the “Swiss Velo” initiative since the beginning. The neutral support from industry-independent project staff tries to integrate new perspectives into the project with a variety of methodical approaches and inspiring inputs. The shared values ​​and goals were defined with the companies involved and support was given in the design of the label.

The institutes of the OST focus on different research topics and carry out application-oriented research projects. The knowledge gained in this way is incorporated into teaching and further training as well as into consulting projects and training courses. Customers can thus be offered innovative, practice-oriented and research-based solutions from a single source.

The  Institute for Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDEE)  promotes creativity through playful thinking, experimental action and transfer-oriented development. The aim is to inspire new thought patterns and personal commitment with the aim of shaping the future responsibly. The innovative ability of people, organizations and societies is strengthened with a variety of innovation methods.

The  Institute for Corporate Management (IFU)  is the competence hub for all aspects of successful and sustainable corporate management. The IFU covers the central entrepreneurial competence fields of strategy and management, marketing management, financial management and controlling as well as banking and finance.