Your Bike Insurance
For Every Case

Regardless of whether your bike is stolen or damaged, we will take care of the damage so that you can get back on your Swiss bike as quickly as possible and experience cycling fun. We are convinced of the quality of Swiss bikes and are therefore extending the guarantee by 3 years for all our bikes. The “Quality” package is included free of charge for all customers with the purchase of a Swiss bike.

With the “Service” package, costs for service and maintenance can be planned. This also covers wearing parts that have to be replaced. Your bike is fully operational at all times. The “Security” package gives you a mobility guarantee so that you are insured in the event of theft or vandalism.

Thanks to breakdown assistance, cyclists can call for help and are quickly supported on site or transported to a repair shop so that the journey can continue after a short time. Thanks to the codes attached to the bike, found bikes can be brought back to the owner. Those who find a bike can report the location of a bike within a few seconds and we will inform the owner immediately.

When customers buy a Swiss bike, they are given access to their insurance account, which they can activate quickly and easily. From this moment on, nothing stands in the way of safe driving fun.